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At Accurate Landscape & Construction Inc., we take pride in offering Integrity, Quality and our No Change Order Pledge.  This pledge is our promise to you to do our best to provide a quality product based on our submitted bids and/or plans with no cost overruns.

Sometimes extras and change do occur being cause by unforeseen conditions, changes in plans, change in regulations or other undetectable conditions.  Still, it our promise to you to try and avoid these as we bring you your project.  Please note that jobs do exist where the scope of the work is dictated for us to bid on.  We have witnessed these scopes directing in a manner or occurrence that is suspected to need or cause a modification.  As Accurate Landscape & Construction also has the responsibility to be competitive, we approach these situations and try to be upfront and communicate our concerns.  Often, these do end up in a change order, technically.  As this is a technicality contrary to pledging no change orders, we still try to protect you, our client, with as much forthcoming and upfront information to protect you and allow the best decisions.

Don't get us wrong, we are here to make a living but we exist to that fairly with hard work and honesty.  We strive to find the best values for your situation and then work hard at creating and delivering them.  At the end of our day, we want to lay our heads down with pride and satisfaction that we brought something good into existence for our customers and to the world.

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